Outsourced Compliance Officer (vCO)

Compliance requires a myriad of specialized responsibilities, diverse tasks, specific knowledge and skills. BRCG’s subject matter experts oversee and manage the risk and compliance program freeing up management to focus on core business.

The vCO operates as an extension of your team and is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. The vCO will ensure that controls are designed and operating effectively, will represent your company with clients, partners, auditors, and regulators as requested, and will stay abreast of the changes in the regulatory landscape.

Building the proper controls at an early stage can accelerate an organizations path to revenue in the short term and in the long term. In the short term, reducing the time it takes for compliance and procurement due diligence approvals can be a significant revenue accelerator. In the long term, a strong foundation of control and compliance may significantly enhance your exit strategy.

For early stage companies, our vCO is a part-time resource who can work on compliance matters “on demand” and build the basic foundation for the risk and compliance program. For later stage companies who have dedicated compliance officers, BRCG can provide subject matter experts to support the compliance team, with an “extra set of hands”. Our subject matter experts are entrepreneurial, flexible, adaptable and will work how your organization works. Access to this expertise is critical for long-term sustainability and growth and can be a competitive advantage that frees up senior management time, and provides an immediate, cost-effective, and scalable solution.

BRCG proactively manages the compliance program and ensures that strong momentum with partners and clients never slows down due to control gaps. We create controls that are right-sized for your stage and develop a more robust framework as your business matures. We share best in class processes and tools to enhance and streamline control activities and make compliance easy throughout your lifecycle.